Our Turnkey Solution

Metro Anesthesia Consultants is the leader in providing comprehensive anesthesia services to office-based practices as well as ASC’s. We provide our clients with turnkey anesthesia management that ultimately increases facility productivity and profitability. Our clients appreciate our patient focused approach. We remain vigilant in keeping the safety and satisfaction of your patients our top priority.

Metro is in network with all major insurance carriers, keeping costs low to your patients. We do not send patients to collection agencies and we will not charge your facility obscure management fees.

Metro provides anesthesia recruitment, billing and maintains consistent staffing while allowing your facility to have ultimate control over the MD’s and CRNA’s. Our service can be seamlessly integrated into your office or ASC within 30 to 60 days.

Management Solutions

Credentialing of Anesthesia Personnel

Metro maintains credentialing and continuing education data for all anesthesia personnel.

Our CRNA’s and Anesthesiologists

  • Metro is responsible the recruitment of quality CRNA’s and MD’s that fit well with the culture of your unique practice.
  • Metro provides a chief CRNA or MD to assist in the scheduling and management of all anesthesia personnel.
  • Metro provides back-up anesthesia provider services through our locum tenens partner Metric Anesthesia.

Provider Quality Assurance

  • Review office-based and ASC standards of care with practitioners
  • Periodic peer review and practitioner evaluations.

Our Billing Services

  • Metro is in network with all major carriers which keeps costs low for patients.
  • Metro is transparent in all of our billing practices.
  • Metro does not send your patients to collection agencies.

Cost of Services

Metro Anesthesia’s service costs our Office-based clients nothing and absorbs credentialing and capital equipment expenses on the front end.For our ASC clients we work to significantly reduce and or eliminate stipends required by previous anesthesia groups.

Our Anesthesia Service Agreement

The term of the Anesthesia Service Agreement is usually three (2-3) years due to the up-front cost of implementation.

To learn more about Metro Anesthesia Consultants’ services and partnership opportunities contact us today.