Our Turnkey Solution

We seamlessly incorporate our sedation service within your practice. Our approach allows clients overall control of anesthesia staff while reducing overhead and retaining revenues within the practice. Metro Anesthesia’s integration is fully turn-key. Our clinical expertise in conscious sedation and monitored anesthesia care coupled with a high regard for ethical business practices make us the perfect solution for our clients anesthesia needs!



Metro Anesthesia believes in the gold standard of patient safety. The anesthesia care team model consists of a Medical Doctor and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist vigilantly overseeing the safety of each and every one of your patients.

Patient Satisfaction

Metro Anesthesia uses tools to evaluate patients experience in your facility to ensure the highest satisfaction.


Metro Anesthesia offers centers a way to navigate around the current statutes regarding the use of Propofol while legally sharing in the revenue from the anesthesia service.

Economies of Scale

Metro Anesthesia employs its negotiation team and strategic partners to help lower various expenditures within your practice as they relate to billing, credentialing, medication and equipment supply purchasing.

Clinical Education Services

We offer annual CPR and ACLS training. In addition, we track continuing education requirements your facilities employees.

To learn more about Metro Anesthesia Consultants’ services and partnership opportunities contact us today.